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Veg Frankies

Paneer Tandoori Tadka Frankie

Flavor loved by everyone, Paneer Tandoori and Tadka in a roll is an indulgent treat

Barbeque Paneer Frankie

A wrap of barbequed Paneer cooked with herbs and a blend of chutneys

Chilly Paneer Frankie

Our fusion recipe – Chinese preparation with a desi twist

Tawa Paneer Frankie

Punjabi zaika! Tawa-cooked paneer masala wrapped to perfection

Veg. Regular Frankie

A mix of vegetables and potato patty, the veg regular frankie is a chatpata choice

Veg. Masala Frankie

The name says it all

Schezwan Veg. Frankie

Smoking hot combination of schezwan and veggies on the roll!

Veg. Cheese Frankie

A fancy wrap offering with oodles of cheese…


Non-Veg Frankies

Chicken Regular Frankie

Relish the classic! Appetizing roll filled with succulent pieces of chicken

Tawa Chicken Frankie

Tender pieces of chicken roasted on tawa with herbs and spices, wrapped in a roll

Barbeque Chicken Frankie

Barbequed chicken cooked with freshly chopped herbs and a mix of tasty chutneys

Bhuna Chicken Frankie

Fried chicken gravy with a hint of ginger and garlic served in a wrap

Chicken Tandoori Tadka Frankie

Flavorful roll stuffed with tandoor-grilled chicken and spicy tadka

Egg & Veg Frankie

Its simplicity makes this a popular street food in India

Chicken Chilly Frankie

Chinese delicacy with an Indian twist, try our fusion offering!

Egg Regular Frankie

The eggetarian’s delight. Grab a bite, be it Sunday or Monday…

Schezwan Chicken Frankie

A must-try for the love of schezwan and chicken

Chicken Tikka Frankie

The tikka-tak roll filled with marinated chicken and masaledaar curry

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